Sponsorship is an integral component in any cultural endeavor, especially in a geographically remote city, such as Las Cruces. Flamenco Fridays is seeking sponsorships to help offset travel costs. In order to afford to bring the best artists possible, please consider the following sponsorship options and benefits.

#1 - The Big Mouth
Thank you to all of our friends for your generous Facebook shares, and social media boosts.  You've been an invaluable part of our campaign and we want to thank you for your BIG MOUTHS!  Believe it or not, by clicking share, you have become a "Flamenco Fridays" sponsor, and we thank you for your support.

#2 - The Big Foot 
We need BIG FEET on the ground to assist with promotional activities and the production of concerts.  Benefits - Ushers and helpers get into concerts for free.  If you like going to shows and don't mind helping out, this could be for you.  Space is limited to a few, so please submit your request early.

#2 - $100-$299 Road Warrior
It takes on average $100 of fuel for an artist to drive to and from Las Cruces, and about $100 in meal per diems.  Would you consider sponsoring an artist's travel expenses and meals?  In exchange, you will receive two comp tickets, and your logo will appear on all print and digital media, making your contribution TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Great advertising value for your business!

$300 - $999 Sky High
You have wings on your back, and may have just saved the show.  Some artists are simply too far away to drive, and must be flown here from distant cities.   Would you consider sponsoring an airplane ticket?  In exchange, you will receive 4-8 comp tickets in the stage front seating section, signed posters for you and your guests, special thank you at the event and your logo will appear on all print and digital media, making your contribution TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Great advertising value for your business!

House Concert Sponsorship
Consider that some of the very the best Flamenco Artists in the United States are available for hire. Would you like a private performance for you and your friends, in your own home? You've never really experienced Flamenco until it has rattled your windows. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing and scheduling, and we'll help you throw a party you'll never ever ever forget.
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